UG NoS (Universal Gaming Community Network of Servers) or UG COMM is a community based Minecraft Network which started its servers February 2019

Started first as a server for friends on a Toshiba laptop, then opened for other players on February 2019. Expanded to a HP Pro desktop when it became clear that system resources were quite limited for 4+ players. UG NoS's first server is still operational and is simply called UG Survival, although the original world is gone. The Network's 2nd server was a Creative server named UG Creative, then a Skyblock server called UG Skyblock

In May 2020, the Network had 10 players online at the same time

The Network's Founder and Owner is often refereed as OPM or Kris

Other servers are in early development; Prison
Cancelled Servers; Factions
Planned Releases; Survival+/Survival Enhanced, Pixelmon, Random Mods (Stable Handpicked Mods)

Recent Name Changes

Universal Gaming
UG Community
Universal Gaming Community
Universal Gaming Community Network
UGC Network+

Our Admins: